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A Secret Use of Hypnosis for Law of Attraction

A Secret Use Of Hypnosis For Law Of Attraction

The richest want something, and so do the less-privileged. Everyone wishes for something at one time or another. Such a wish may range from an ideal career, confidence, love, money, car, companionship, or whatsoever. The reality is that everything is within your reach with hypnosis for law of attraction.

If you are new to the law of attraction or hypnosis, the concept may appear unreal to you. However, it is nothing but an effective strategy to destroy your mind’s negative assumptions and a clear path for your progress. Many individuals walk around with a sort of self-destructive beliefs, strong fear, or troubling attitude. All the negativities and poor vibes subconsciously and subtly influence our desires and thoughts.

Therefore, you may realize that nothing seems to work for you. Don’t fret; everything is about to change positively for you with hypnosis for law of attraction. In this article, you’ll find the secret behind hypnosis and how people use it to manifest their thoughts, especially money, love, and relationship. Let’s begin!

Hypnosis and the Law of Attraction 

A common phenomenon between hypnosis and the law of attraction is belief. When it comes to using hypnotism, a positive mindset and focus are required to make the change you crave. Hypnosis is independent of the law of attraction. In other words, anyone can use hypnosis, regardless of whether you understand manifestation or not.

However, for those who are into the law of attraction, they will agree that belief, thoughts, and gratitude are vital components of manifesting your desire. By keeping a positive belief about self-hypnosis and the attraction, you are making an intentional effort towards using hypnosis to speed up the process of achieving your desire. The reason is that believing in hypnosis for law of attraction will help have a deep-rooted belief. A combination of the belief and right habits reinforces desire within your subconscious mind

At the same time, keeping a positive belief about hypnosis for law of attraction causes the blocking forces in your subconscious mind to collapse. This assists the progress of your manifestation process. Using hypnosis entails entering the deep state of relaxation. By so doing, one can easily pass the conscious mind’s defensive mechanisms and reprogram the subconscious mind. This helps manifest your desire with ease. In short, it is safe to call hypnosis a tool of the law of attraction. 

Self-Hypnosis vs. Guided Hypnosis 

As suggested above, hypnosis is about entering a state of relaxation that resembles sleep but is induced by suggestions. Entering a hypnotic state requires permitting yourself to do so. Despite being in a deep state of relaxation, the mind still possesses the power to curb you from engaging in actions against your core values. By giving yourself a chance to get hypnotized, it is referred to as self-hypnosis. In this case, you are sorely responsible for entering the trance state. 

On the contrary, guided-hypnosis requires certain elements to drive the process. This may include speaking a series of words or listening to audio tracks. Using guided hypnosis tracks allow you to practice hypnosis for the law of attraction at your leisure time without anybody’s supervision. However, an essential piece of advice is that you should be mindful of the hypnosis track you’ll use. The reason is that anyone can record some words and upload them online. You might realize that the tracks have no effect on you, or you are doing something totally different. Thus, ensure that you perform due diligence when choosing tracks for guided hypnosis.

Benefits of Hypnosis and Law of Attraction

Several advantages are associated with hypnosis and the law of attraction. As a matter of fact, researchers are working on further possible benefits of using hypnosis for law of attraction. Until they have their results, below are common, proven pros of using the law of attraction and hypnosis.

  • Improved mindfulness and relaxation

Hypnosis is undoubtedly useful for learning how to relax and enter the trance state. Even the National Institute of Health endorses the use of hypnotherapy as a relaxation method. When you are relaxed in a deep state of mind, you’ll have absolute mindfulness of your desire. This will help release vibrational energy that matches your desire in the universe. 

  • An effective manifestation technique

The suggestions that lead to a hypnotized state will reinforce your belief on a specific, relevant matter. With improved belief, it spurs the subconscious mind to release matching vibrational energy towards the universe. In return, the universe will see to the manifestation of what you desire. 

  • Useful for multiple subjects

Do you know that hypnosis for law of attraction even works for weight loss? It does. Also, using the law of attraction through hypnosis may effectively curb smoking, increases confidence manifests abundance, and seeks love. It is also beneficial for reducing phobia such as fear of public speaking, animals, heights, etc. The usefulness of hypnosis for law of attraction is wide-ranging.

  • Eliminate blocking beliefs

Limiting beliefs are the sole reason why the law of attraction doesn’t work for some practitioners. Getting rid of blocking ideas, assumptions, or thoughts from your subconscious mind is essential for manifestation success. Otherwise, you’ll merely be confusing your mind by keeping a negating belief yet having a positive thought about a topic. With hypnosis, you can break through not only your limiting thoughts but also poor habits. It even comes in handy for creating new positive personalities.

  • Relieve pains and tension

Relaxing is a common method for eliminating anxiety, anger, and pain. Considering that hypnosis is a useful technique for entering a relaxing state, it indirectly helps us forget about our pains and tensions. All you need is to enter the hypnotic state and enjoy the relaxing state for some time. Before returning to normalcy, the pains and tensions will reduce or cease to exist.

Types of Hypnosis for Law of Attraction

From the benefits of hypnosis and the law of attraction discussed above, the technique is useful for many purposes. However, a common trend among hypnosis for law of attraction practitioners focuses on four categories as follow:

            i. Love

Here is a common type of hypnosis for law of attraction. Like every other use of hypnosis, all you need to do is use verbal cues about love. These cues are designed to take you into the trance state as you continue to listen. If you want, you can hire a hypnotherapist to walk you through the process and snap you out of it. Alternatively, guided-hypnosis works using recorded audio tracks. Simply purchase a hypnosis audio track that centers on love.

            ii. Get ex back

If you would like to win your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend back, hypnosis might be the only thing you need. All you need is to get an audio track to take you into the trance state by listening. As you enter the relaxation state, the suggestions will help you reminisce about your past together and reinforce your desire to have her back. As you continue to practice hypnosis for law of attraction and release suitable vibrational energy, the universe will bring you guys together and create an enabling environment for you to work out once more.

           iii. Money

Many people lack abundance and wealth today because of the limiting belief. From “I can’t achieve this much,” “this is not realistic,” “such earning is impossible for me” to “I don’t even care about money anymore,” all these negative thoughts will only set you and abundance apart. On the contrary, listening to suggestions that encourage having wealth will help replace the limiting thoughts with the right beliefs to manifest your dream money. Continued hypnosis for law of attraction will help instill a healthy positive mindset, belief, and confidence for business success and abundance. Get a hypnotherapist or use a hypnosis audio track during your leisure time.

           iv. Sleep

Listening to a soothing voice saying, “deep,” “relax,” “let go,” or “easy” is a useful approach for using hypnosis for law of attraction. As you continue to listen to the calming audio track, the power of suggestion will take you to a relaxed state. Before long, you are already in sleep mode. Some hypnotherapists use focused attention or guided imagery, while others use symptom control. Hence, using phrases is just one of the multiple approaches to using hypnosis to induce relaxation.


Before rounding up hypnosis for law of attraction, it is worth stating that consistency is required to use hypnosis for manifestation. If you are not just using hypnosis for one-time relaxation, then you should practice as often as possible to let the suggestions sink in your subconscious mind. Depending on your effort, desire, and the universe, the manifestation may take some days or a few weeks or months. In other words, hypnosis for law of attraction might work earlier for your sibling and not for you. Regardless, ensure that you keep up with the consistency. Get a recorded hypnosis audio track and listen or hire a reliable hypnotherapist that you can trust. Before long, you’ll become a master of the game and use it at your pace.


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A Secret Use of Hypnosis for Law of Attraction 2

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