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The Mirror Effect & How to Use It Effectively

The Mirror Effect

The law of attraction uses our thoughts to manifest realities. Whether you have in abundance or little, everything is chiefly due to your thoughts and actions. Thus, the best way to change your current state of living is to change how you think and, most importantly, what you think.

Several people have explained how they tried using the law of attraction without any significant changes. While, the reality is that practicing the law demands using one or two techniques – and this is the primary reason behind many people’s complaints about the law of attraction. Without using one of the methods of the law of attraction, you may feel like you are being held back or something is sabotaging your inner voice.

When you find yourself in such situations, the mirror effect will come handy. This technique is about leaving your limiting thoughts or beliefs behind. By practicing the mirror effect, you’ll be able to increase your mental vibrations to encourage the manifestation of your desires. Read this enlightening piece to the end to learn everything about the mirror effect. Enjoy reading!

What is The Mirror Effect?

The act of using the mighty force of the subconscious mind to alter the forces troubling your manifestation is referred to as the mirror effect. Mirroring involves seeing your desires inwardly and reflecting them outwardly. When you do so, it’ll help manifest what you have within your inner self.

The subconscious mind is malleable enough to occupy different thoughts, irrespective of bad or good. And the greatest concern about the mind is that you may not know what you have ingrained into it while growing up. Some feel that they are quite reflective with a great sense of self-awareness. However, regardless of how self-conscious you are, your subconscious mind can hold negative and undermining thoughts outside your consciousness. When you fail to reach the subconscious mind and remove the “old baggage,” the law of attraction may never work.

For this reason, the mirror effect must come into play. With this method, you can access not only your subconscious mind but also a significant portion of your brain that is responsible for success and excitement. Once you start getting in touch with the poor and negative thinking and thoughts in your brain and mind, respectively, you’ll gain the strength to go beyond our limiting beliefs. More importantly, it will help free the law of attraction to work for you as you emit positive vibrations needed to manifest your desires. 

How to Use The Mirror Effect 

Like most other law of attraction techniques, using the mirror effect requires alone time and some words of affirmations. By so doing, it’ll help grow your confidence and connect with your subconscious mind. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to perform the mirror effect technique:

Step 1: Find a calm and quiet room or space with a full-length mirror.

Step 2: Stand in front of the mirror and look into your eyes.

Step 3: Wake up the feelings of self-love and self-compassion within yourself by reflecting on your good values. Look into your positive qualities, works, and worth, then think about them.

Step 4: As you keep looking into your eyes and reflecting, start saying positive affirmations. For instance, “I understand myself deeply,” “I love and accept myself without conditions,” “I appreciate myself to the deepest level.”

Step 5: Perform the technique daily and see how effectively it is affecting your life.

Before rounding up on the guide of performing the mirror effect, try to take note of the following tips:

  • Use a clear and clean mirror that will cover at least your face and torso.
  • Stand with a straight shoulder, and head held up.
  • Take a few breaths until you gain focus and feel strong enough to begin.
  • Don’t be afraid to look into your eyes and speak out the positive affirmations loudly.
  • Feel free to give yourself a genuine and honest pep talk.
  • It’s okay to use the mirror effect twice daily.

Benefits of the Mirror Effect

Undoubtedly, the mirror effect is a highly beneficial technique for various reasons. First off, reflecting on your values and appreciating yourself helps make you feel comfortable in your skin. You’ll get to accept your appearance and behavior. Also, embracing your good qualities will become more convenient for you to do. Speaking to oneself is a great way to develop communication skills. Many orators have used the mirror effect to master how to speak in public.

Aside from physical developments and acceptance, the mirror effect helps boost motivation and self-esteem. Practitioners often feel confident to take on projects and challenges without self-doubt. With great self-esteem and motivation, you have a better chance of accomplishing your goals. Furthermore, the mirror effect will support your self-belief, most especially in your ability. You’ll want to try new stuff without feeling inferior to other people doing the same.

When you look into your eyes through the mirror, looking into other’s people will become less challenging. Mirror technique practitioners often feel confident to approach others without losing their complete sense of bashfulness. That aside, mirroring your values will help you see goodness in yourself and other people. Thus, you’ll spend more time thinking positively and unintentionally, ingraining good thoughts in your subconscious mind.

Considering that mirror effects help eradicate doubts and become more decisive, you’ll be able to set lofty goals. From your inner self, strength, motivation, and willingness to achieve will be present in abundance. Ultimately, people will start treating you with respect.

Examples of The Mirror Effect

Below are two examples of practicing the mirror effect while standing in front of a full-length mirror:

  • “Willie, you are amazing and healthy. You eat only the best foods and feel great. You will continue to take care of yourself because you deserve it. You are an inspiration to yourself and many others. In every location and at every time, you deserve to feel good as you experience abundance.” You are a source of happiness and positive energy. Nothing but greatness surrounds you as you continue to be the best version of yourself. Everything good will come your way naturally as you deserve to achieve your dreams. Enjoy your life.”
  • “This is me, and I accept myself. I am beautiful, kind, and compassionate. I deserve every abundance that comes my way. I see success and accomplishment around me as I emit positive vibrations to the universe. My desires will manifest into reality soon. I do not doubt my goals, and I believe in my dreams. I will achieve my goals. I am grateful for my wonderful body, mind, and soul. I thank the universe for the new abundance that is coming my way. I will continue to live healthily and appreciate myself. I deserve and choose to be happy, now, and forever.”


Perhaps, the law of attraction has not been working for you after trying other techniques. You should use the mirror effect to unlock your subconscious mind and free the disturbing thoughts. For those who don’t have any experience with the law of attraction, starting with the mirror effect is a great idea. It’ll help remove negative thoughts in your conscious and subconscious minds, and most importantly, manifest your dreams.

Aside from manifestation, reflecting on your values and worth is a great way to become confident. Mirror effect helps become more cheerful and full of life. You’ll see goodness and positivity everywhere as you attract every opportunity to achieve your dreams. Without any doubt, the mirror effect is a handy technique to achieve personal growth in life, love, and business. Start today, if possible.


Do mirror affirmations work?

Several practitioners of the law of attraction have given positive feedback about mirror affirmations. There is no doubt that it works when done correctly. Using positive affirmations increases self-acceptance, grows confidence, and boosts motivation. Importantly, ensure that you use the right statements for yourself. Advisably, you should personalize your mirror affirmations.

Does mirroring mean attraction?

Mirroring is an unconscious method to attract our desires. Hence, it is safe to call it another form of attraction. As long as your mirror effect is strong enough to release positive vibrations, attracting the opportunities to manifest your goals will become easy. Consider it as a form of mimicking someone that you like; you’ll show more interest in the person.

What is mirror gazing meditation? 

Mirror gazing meditation is a law of attraction techniques that require looking into your eyes and reflecting on your critical thoughts. However, gazing meditation often focuses on finding negative thoughts, breathing to release them, and returning to reality. It is an effective meditation technique that helps manifestation effort.

How long does it take for the mirror effect to work?

Commitment and dedication towards practicing the mirror effect determine duration significantly. However, if you can manage to practice the technique twice daily with the right affirmations for your desires, positive results may start showing in the first few weeks. Mind you; it also depends on your goals. Endeavor to feel comfortable practicing the mirror effect and believe in your dreams – and not focusing on how long. 


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