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Subliminal Affirmations [Using Them Correctly]

Subliminal Affirmations [Using Them Correctly]

While our conscious mind alone is tremendously fascinating, it is only a bit of what our overall brain power can do. Every human being possesses a potent subconscious state of mind, which can be harnessed through different means. One of those means is subliminal affirmations, a method that has gained vast popularity globally.

This method is capable of reprogramming our thinking about an intended goal, such as weight loss, searching for abundance, improved academic performance, more wealth, among others. Interestingly, subliminal affirmation is a straightforward method to practice, despite its high potency. Kindly read further to learn about what exactly are subliminal affirmations, how they work, and how to put it into practice. Enjoy reading!

What are Subliminal Affirmations?

Subliminal affirmation is the use of positive statements that are audible only to our subconscious state of mind to drive ourselves towards achieving our desires. To be specific, these statements are redesigning triggers, underneath an audio file. While your subconscious mind can hear the affirmations, it is only the audio track that will be hearable to your conscious mind.

In other words, the subconscious mind will be listening to the underlying message under the soft tones coming from the music. With the affirmations coming from these soundwaves, you can harness them to improve your life in different ways, such as weight loss, getting rid of stress and anxiety, increased memory retention rate, money and wealth abundance, mastering the law of attraction, etc. In short, this method is useful in every sphere of life and for almost everything. With each track, you can reprogram your mind to get a specific need, want, or manifest a desire into reality.

Presently, these audio tracks are available from different suppliers. Some suppliers even use multiple techniques to move individuals into a receptive state of consciousness, which makes the whole process more effective.

Understanding How Subliminal Affirmations Work

Considering that the subliminal affirmation work with new patterns of thoughts, it is crucial to understand how the brain manages to embrace these new thought patterns before you can understand the concept of subliminal affirmation.

Every human learns and adapts to new thought patterns from time to time. Even on a bright and stress-free day, our brain neurons will still make several connections repeatedly – after all, our thoughts, interactions, and situations contribute significantly to the development of our brain.

However, there is more to this than meets the eyes; beyond experiencing and processing, there are more unknown happenings. As a matter of fact, depending on our current consciousness, we process our thought patterns in three distinct ways. According to an Austrian Neurologist, Sigmund Freud (you might have heard of him) awareness consists of three categories:


This state of mind is the most active among the three. It is when our awareness focuses on the current reality and moment. For instance, we can be conscious of a cool breeze blowing on our face, a touch from someone or a thing, an aroma from a pleasant meal or experience alertness when you have to deal with unexpected issues.


Our subconscious mind is always active. However, in some cases, we can reach a deeper level, most especially while daydreaming. Subconsciousness manages our automatic actions, emotions, and thoughts. Examples of subconscious state of mind include moving our hands and leg while working, deep and random whisperings in our head, body language, among others.


When thoughts and “forgotten memories condition our actions,” then we are in an unconscious state. For instance, morals, deeply rooted goals and fears, things that are important to us in life, etc. In our conscious experience, our unconscious mind can become active, as seen with the fight-or-flight response. Naturally, such a response emerges from our unconscious state without conscious reasoning to protect ourselves from harm.

Overall, our consciousness can be said to be the surface level of the state of mind, while our subconscious mind understands things naturally. A subconscious state of mind is like putting a plane on autopilot. Our unconscious mind accumulates as we grow and experience things in life. Hence, subliminal affirmations work on the subconscious and unconscious state of mind, making positive thought patterns automatically, as well as fostering our manifestation journey.

How to Practice Subliminal Affirmations

Subliminal affirmations practice is all about reprogramming our subconscious mind using positive statements. To put the process into practice, below are ten steps to follow:

Step 1:

Choose a goal: Ensure that you have a particular goal or desire in mind that will benefit you.

Step 2:

Choose suitable affirmations for yourself: Check for some positive statements that resonate with your desires or that align with your goals, then use them accordingly.

Step 3:

Record spoken affirmations: Practice subliminal affirmations by recording your preferred positive statements on computers, phones, or a recorder.

Step 4:

Speak convincingly: Using the power of subliminal affirmations involves belief. Thus, endeavor to speak with conviction. You can freely practice before you start recording.

Step 5:

Listen to your recorded affirmations: During your meditation, you should play your recorded affirmation at a very low volume – set the volume to a “whispering” level. In this way, you will be bypassing your conscious state of mind, as well as removing any concerns you might have about the words. Remember, set the volume level to barely audible.

Step 6:

Reach a meditative state: While your headphone is playing the recorded affirmations, proceed to enter a meditative state.

At this point, you are already putting your subliminal affirmations to use. Endeavor to maintain your position for a few minutes and remain focus to allow your subconscious mind to hear the barely audible affirmations.

Conclusion on Subliminal Affirmations

Practicing subliminal affirmation is a simple strategy of mastering the law of attraction, and consequently, attracting desired wants and needs into your existence. More so, it helps achieve a relaxed state of mind. If possible, endeavor to practice subliminal affirmations daily to remain focused on your life goals.

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How to Use Subliminal Affirmations the Right Way


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