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Money Meditation: Using LOA to Attract Money

Money Meditation For Cash

Considering the financial challenges around the world, understandably, most people are striving for a better life. Everyone wants to enjoy a bit of luxury. Sadly, things do not always go as we planned. Although people often work hard, some are still living hand to mouth. Hence, how can we make significant money that can bring contentment? Or how can you make your dream money? If you want to learn how to manifest money through meditation, you should read this enlightening article to the end.

Well, let’s start by saying making dream money is possible. And you can achieve a considerable amount that will make you genuinely happy. The most interesting thing is that it doesn’t cost you gold or diamond to obtain your desired wealth; what you need is money meditation. With this type of meditation, you can achieve even more than you could imagine. You simply have to understand the concept, then start implementing the law of attraction.

What is Money Meditation? 

Even though money meditation works like magic, it’s not deception or juju. It’s merely a manifestation method that is based on the law of attraction. This law already exists in nature; however, not everyone is aware. The truth is that the law of attraction is continuously working for everyone. Despite that all human beings can harness the power behind the law of attraction, not many know how to use it. 

The law of attraction can be used to bring our imaginations into reality, including money. For this reason, you are capable of achieving the huge money that you have always dreamed of. However, before you can utilize the law of attraction, you need to learn how to perform money meditation. This meditation is about spending your time to release a vibration into the universe, requesting the universe to draw money towards you.

While money meditation may sound unrealistic, it’s a magical manifestation that has worked for many. The meditation starts with your belief, feelings, and thoughts. During your meditation, you need to focus your inner energy on achieving your dream. When you visualize how you’ll feel when you finally have your dream money, you’ll be giving the same energy needed to attract the money. Hence, you need to have a positive thought and belief about manifesting your dream money. So, it’s important to start feeling abundance to receive in abundance. 

Why Do You Desire More Money?

Understandably, many people will see this question as a rhetorical question with little significance. However, if you want to harness the power of money meditation, you need to answer honestly. Without any doubt, most individuals will claim that they want money because they lack money. Some will say they need money to clear bills. Others might say money is essential to living a good life. While all these answers are correct, they are not entirely helpful if you want to have abundance in life.

When you claim that you need money not to lack, you are indirectly focusing your energy on “lack of money.” As a result, you’ll spend more time thinking about money paucity. By so doing, you are releasing negative energy into the universe. And in return, the universe will make you lack even more. Now, you realize why it’s crucial to rethink before answering the question.

Rather than focusing your energy on the lack of funds, it’s advisable to talk about the great things you can achieve with money. More importantly, how genuinely happy you’ll feel and how grateful you’ll become. When you feel delighted by imagining the abundance, you are detaching yourself from negative feelings. Consequently, you’ll be releasing only positive energy to the universe. In simple terms, you are asking the universe to provide you with an abundance of money. 

How to Attract Money Using Meditation

Use the following five tips to attract money:

Focus on abundance: 

Find a quiet place and spend a few minutes thinking about how you’ll feel when you have money. During your imaginations, try to feel grateful for the abundant cash. 

Flipping negative thoughts:

While thinking about money positively, some disturbing thoughts will come across your mind, telling you to doubt yourself. Don’t fall for it or get angry. Simply think the opposite. If the disturbing thoughts say you can’t be successful, tell yourself that you’ll be successful.

Spend in line with your values: 

If you desire money, then be ready to give out no matter the circumstance. When you give out what you can afford, you’ll feel happy. Before long, you’ll start developing a positive attitude towards money.

Act according to your situation: 

While you should give out cheerfully, you must learn to face facts simultaneously. Be honest with yourself and spend according to your purse. It’s okay if you don’t have in abundance today.

Be conversant with the smell of money: 

It is rare to find someone who doesn’t love a new note’s fragrance. That aside, when you smell money, it helps align with the energy of abundance and wealth. 

Does Money Meditation Work?

Regardless of your current financial situation, money meditation will work for you. As a matter of fact, several people have used meditation, visualization, and manifestation to attract prosperity and wealth. Additionally, you can even use meditation to develop a good relationship, earning power, and achieve success. Several people have gotten their dream job with a deep desire. The most exciting thing about money meditation is that it is free. More so, you can practice it at any time and anywhere. Simply focus on abundance and put other steps of money meditation into action. The universe will handle the rest.

Types of Money Meditation

Over time, money meditations have been performed effectively in four different ways. Below are the four types:

1.      Abraham Hicks Morning Meditation

Considered as a motivating guided morning meditation, Abraham Hicks Meditation is developed in Esther Hicks’s voice. The meditation is renowned for increasing vibration and energy levels coming off the practitioner. Thus, it helps create an ideal mindset to enjoy the day. If you seek a meditation technique that can place your subconscious mind close to the universe to attract money, Abraham hicks should be one of your top options.

Abraham Hicks meditation is designed for morning use. Once you wake up, simply take a nice shower and change your cloth. Afterward, you should find a serene and neat place to sit. Now, you should spend a few minutes morning meditation by listening to Abraham Hicks Morning Meditation lyrics. It is an excellent source of calmness and perfect for focusing your inner strength on attracting money from the universe. 

2.      Money meditation music

Here is another effective money meditation worth using. The trick is about using binaural beats to synchronize the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Using the beats and music will help create a desired brainwave effect and pattern that emits the required vibrations for money attraction. All you need is to use sub-audible frequencies to your advantage and focus on abundance during the meditation.

With money meditation music, you’ll need headphones to utilize the effects of the binaural beats fully. This process works by creating two distinct audible frequencies on each ear. The difference between the two frequencies that create “beat” sound keeps the brain in a specific frequency pattern. In this repetitive pattern, you can then go deeply into a meditative state. 

3.      Money meditation guided

Meditation guided is more of visualization than using affirmations. To utilize the money meditation guided, you need to have a clear idea or image of the exact amount that you strongly desire. Now, imagine that you have the money in your bank account. Enjoy the visualization as if it is real. Don’t bother to struggle about how the money got to your account – simply enjoy the feeling. 

From there, believe that you deserve the money and feel the money increasing in your account. As you are feeling the excitement, try to feel relief. Be relieved that you are getting many beautiful things that you have always wanted. See yourself paying your debt or bills. While you are relaxed and relieved, don’t let go of your feelings. Ensure that you don’t think about how or when you’ll get the money. Just be grateful. Once you have become accustomed to the process, you can add affirmations.

4.      Money Meditation Mantra

When you use phrases or statements repeatedly while meditating, you are chanting a meditation mantra. Money meditation mantra is a list of personalized statements to inform the universe about your desire to manifest your dream money. While some mantras can be short, others are relatively long – it depends on your demand. The most important thing is that money meditation mantra helps enter into a deeper state of awareness. 

At this more profound state, chanting mantras about prosperity and abundance will attract both into your life. However, you must remain focused, and the mantra should feel right for you. For this reason, you need to create a set of personalized mantras for yourself. Spending five to ten minutes on a money meditation mantra daily is ideal. Some examples of money mantra include: I have all the money that I need to have, I am attracting more money, I make more money daily, I am not in debt, I have in abundance.  

How to Make Money Meditation?

Here, you’ll learn about how to perform an ideal money meditation technique. Read on.

Find a quiet and clean position to sit comfortably. Advisably, you can sit with a crossed leg or use a chair – don’t bother to cross your legs if you are using a chair.

Close your eyes if you are within your personal space. It’s inadvisable to close eyes while performing money meditation in public.

Relax and take a deep breath. Now, breathe in and out three times without affecting your comfort or stopping your breath.

Move your eyes upward slightly towards the center of your forehead. The spot you are targeting is called the third eye, which helps visualize to manifest your desires. If you feel uncomfortable rolling your eyes upward for an extended period, return it to a normal state.

Now, focus on your breathing and keep it slow and steady for at least one minute. By so doing, you’ll remain calm and at peace.

Once the body is calm, the mind will be quiet and relaxed. From there, you can start visualizing.

See yourself in abundance and wealthy in the present time.

Imagine and feel that you are living in prosperity and wealth continuously.

Try to emotionalize the process; use the five sense organs to feel the money and abundance.

Enjoy the meditation for a few minutes.

Once you are done, return to reality gradually while sustaining the exciting feeling.

Be conscious of your surroundings as you regain your awareness.


Living in poverty is never a good situation. If care is not taken, the situation can be life-threatening. However, irrespective of your financial state, you can turn things positively. Everything starts with your belief as the universe is continuously working to provide us with whatever we desire. Once you start believing in greatness and abundance, you are already one step closer to your dream.

The next step will be to start harnessing the power of money meditation. Simply follow the procedure discussed herein and choose a suitable form of money meditation for yourself. Lastly, ensure that you adhere to the tips given to attract money and keep working towards your goal. From there, you can leave the rest to the universe; your abundance is near.

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